Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Anna's on Display

Today was beautiful. It was a warm day with a light breeze off of the coast and the sun was shining. I took advantage of the nice weather and spent most of the day setting up a large water feature to photograph birds bathing in the back yard. Look forward to some images from that in the near future. It will take awhile for the birds to start using it. This should compliment the hummingbird bath that I purchased a couple of weeks back. The hummingbirds really love it. When I was finshed with the water feature I set up a photoblind near where the hummingbirds were landing and photographed hummingbirds. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day. chris All images created with a Canon 7D and a Tamron 150-600 lens. A Manfrotto 190 XPROB tripod with a Bogen ballhead was used to support the camera.

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  1. Thanks for stopping in and checking this out Magdy. i'll take a look at your blog as well. Have a wonderful day.