Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Walk in the Redwoods

Yesterday my son Jay and I drove up to the Redwoods just north of the tiny town of Orick. We walked the loop trail at Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove. It was foggy and gray with fog so thick that at times it was dripping from the trees like a light rain. Nothing is so inspiring as a walk in the Redwoods. What a beautiful way to see and be inspired by God's handiwork.Here are some images from our walk. God's light and love to all, chris All images created with a Canon 7D and a Canon 17-85mm lens.


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  2. Coast redwoods range from southern Oregon to central California, extending not more than fifty miles inland- only as far as the coastal climate has its influence. Fog plays a vital role in the survival of these trees, protecting them from the summer drought conditions typical of this area. They also need abundant winter rain and moderate year round temperatures. In ideal conditions a coast redwood can grow 2-3 feet in height annually, but when the trees are stressed from lack of moisture and sunlight they may grow as little as one inch per year. Indian Exporters

  3. There are redwoods twenty miles southwest of San Jose, CA in several parks. Big Basin, Butane, Henry Cowell, and they tend to be less crowded than Muir Beach, which is closer to San Francisco, for example. Hiking trails are the norm and very worthwhile to get in among the trees, so bring some good walking shoes.
    Drive up to Humboldt County, 250 miles north on U.S. 101 for some really beautiful groves. The Avenue of The Giants is just south of Phillips-ville and parallel to U.S. 101. For a good look at the Rockefeller Grove of redwoods and the "Big Tree" turn off The Avenue of the Giants and head west on Bull Creek Flats Rd. two miles north of Weott. After you check out the redwoods, continue on that same road to Honeydew, and Petronia. You won't regret it. It winds up and down and along the Mat-tole River, by some ancient and huge Eucalyptus trees, then runs right along the Pacific ocean up to near Cape Mendocino. It then climbs and winds around and down into Fern-dale, CA famous for cows and Victorian houses.


  4. I'm looking to head out to California for a few days to see the Redwoods in the next few weeks. What are the best parks to visit? (Preferably ones near some kind of airport.) Which parks have the best trees? the best trails to hike? Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    1. The closest Redwoods to the San Francisco Airport are Muir Woods which is about a 45min drive depending upon traffic just across the Golden Gate Bridge. The best redwoods in my opinion are in Redwood National Park and Prairie Creek Redwoods which are side by side parks. They are roughly four hours north of San Francisco on Highway 101. Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek is a great hike as well as the trail in the Lady Bird Grove in redwood National Park. The drive up north along 101 is superb and if you take the "Avenue of the Giants" scenic alternative route it is even more so.