Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Here is the Blasted Cat

Last night Lenore and I were wrapping Christmas presents so there was a bit of wrapping paper left over. This afternoon I took a piece of it and set it up as a backdrop sweep. I captured my little tormentor "Papaya the Blasted Cat" and placed her on it. With the help of my cat wranglers Jay and Annika I was able to photograph her. She looks like a sweet and gentle cat doesn't she? She really is when she isn't trying to catch birds around the bird feeders when I'm photographing birds. Merry Christmas to all, chris
Equipment Used- Canon 7D, Canon 28-135 IS at 75mm. Camera Setting- ISO 400, AV Mode, F5.6, 1/10th of a sec.


  1. Awww, the cat's cute! Is she some type of shorter haired Birman? She reminds me a bit of my kitty, Meena. :)

  2. Iasabelle, she is a cutie! The shelter said that she is a Siamese and shorthair cross. Meena must be a pretty cool cat too.