Wednesday, December 18, 2013

White Deer of Ridgewood Ranch

This morning I got the urge to check out the White/ Fallow Deer on the Ridgewood Ranch which is just south of Willits, CA. The ranch is famous for having been the home of Sea Biscuit the famous racehorse. It's funny how a herd of white deer can sometimes be hard to spot. Some days when I have driven past the ranch I won't see a single one. Today I was rather lucky as they were fairly close to the road. I pulled off the edge of the road and watched and photographed them for about twenty minutes or so. It got pretty exciting for awhile when two of the smaller bucks began sparring. There was one nice buck with palmated antlers. They look pretty cool. I had a great time photographing them time, eventually they moved off over a ridge and I went on my way. Oh and BTW look for the moth on one of the bucks! God's light and love to all, chris Equipment used- Canon 7D,Canon 100-400 IS Camera setting- AV mode,ISO 400, F5.6 +1 EV


  1. The last photo is just awesome! Loved it.

    1. Sorry I missed your comment, Shravan. That was my favorite image from this series of images..

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Midnight Rae! They are quite unusual looking for a deer. In some ways I think they look a little bit more like a goat!

  3. Growing up going to the ranch every summer to visit my family, I always started looking for the deer as soon as we hit the second cattle guard. My grandmothers apartment window looked out on a hill. Every morning I would look out and see a small herd. There aren't as many left as there were then. The lines are weakening from the original herd that was given to Mr. Howard from Mr. Hearst. They are still there and because of that seeing them is a special thing. Congratulations and thank you for a fond memory!!

  4. I loved your comment, Laura Mayden. I'm glad that I could stir up some fond memories for you.