Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nature Hike

Last Saturday Annika and several of her friends needed to go to Ukiah, CA to take the SAT Test. We had a small snowstorm on Friday and then it rained turning the roads into an icy mess. I offered to drive everyone down in my pick up because it has four wheel drive. The drive down was gorgeous with partly cloudy skies and an amazing sunrise. I handed Annika the camera and she took a nice photograph of it through the windshield as we were driving. After I dropped the kids off for testing I had four hours to myself. Luckily Ukiah abounds in natural areas and parks all a close distance to the city. As for me I chose to park right across the street at Low Gap Park. I grabbed my camera and one lens and went or a giant looping nature walk up the creek. I found plenty of subjects to keep myself busy. After my hike I drove a few miles up Low Gap road looking at the sights before I turned back to pick up the test takers and headed home. God's precious light and love to all, chris Equipment Used- Canon 7D and a Canon 28-135 IS lens.


  1. Just have to say, what an interesting life you have! Very inspiring photographs, I love these colours together.


  2. Thank you so much Alice Barber for stopping in for a look and your comment. I appreciate your comment a lot because it makes me reflect upon my life and that it is interesting. Far too often I take it for granted and I need to look through new eyes at all that God has given me each and every day. Something safe and familiar along with things that are new risky and exciting.