Monday, August 27, 2012

A Few Birds

This morning before I went to work out at the gym I decided to do some bird photography out at the Burris Ranch. I figured enough days had passed since I restocked the feeders to make it active again.There were a few birds there when I arrived but after I refilled the feeders there wasn't a bird to be seen for almost half an hour, Finally little by little they began returning. This time of year the birds have lost those breeding colors and are going into plumages that are a lot less flashy and less likely to get them eaten or attract a mate.They are still cool just not as beautiful as they are in the spring.I photographed some House Finches,Gold Finches,Oak Titmouse, Juncos and some Nuthatches. A good time was had by all. Birds love free food.

God'as love and blessings,



  1. Lovely colors and birds !
    It's so nice to start a day looking at your photos Chris...

    1. What a wonderful thing to say, Doronette NF! You helped make my day better too!

  2. Beautiful :O)
    I'm a beginner that's been trying to catch hummingbirds at the feeder - any suggestions?

  3. I sure wish I could get such beautiful pictures

  4. Shinta Gebby and Abigaylemae I struggled with hummingbird images until I learned that they are done with multiple flashes. Here is a link to a short tutorial of how I do my hummingbird photography.