Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Late Summer

Late summer is one of the most difficult times to try and photograph hummingbirds at my house. The bees are stocking up on nectar for the upcoming winter. In the process they absolutely overwhelm my hummingbird feeders. This morning it was impossible for the hummingbirds to try and feed. In moving the feeders around I was surrounded by bees and a constant buzz. It felt like a beekeeper at the hives. I finally gave up and came back indoors.

I went up to my office and started looking through old files and I came across one of my favorite images.When we were in Bora Bora my kids began catching Hermit Crabs along the beach. They kept them for a little while and then let them go. The kids as well as myself found them to be fascinating creatures. I love this image it for its simplicity and the beautiful color combination. What a cool little creature!

God's precious love to all,


Note: The bee image has only about half of the bees that were on it. When I lowered it down to photograph it about half of the bees fell off or took off before I photographed them.


  1. Nice photos. I can't believe how many bees are taking over the feeder.


    1. Tthank you for stopping in Thomas. I can't believe the bees either. Yesterday I finally gave up photographing the humming birds and packed away all my equipment. Maybe I'll try later this year.

  2. Oh my god.. That picture of that crab.. AMAZING!!!

  3. Thank you ever so much Free to be Myself and Susan De Jong. Your comments mean a lot to me because that crab picture is one of my all time favorite images.