Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Front Yard Locals

I love having a photoblind in my front yard. It's nice to be able to just walk a short distance out the door and be able to photograph wildlife in comfort.Today I went out and restocked the feeders,climbed into the photoblind sat back and waited. The forest was really quiet as everything had scattered when I had come out the door. Soon there were little sounds of bird wings as the Juncos fluttered in to feed on the ground. Then the raspy calls of the Jays as they got bold enough to move in and come to the feeder.

Later on I heard the scratchy sounds of claws on bark as a Douglas Tree Squirrel came slowly down the Douglas Fir Tree next to my photoblind. Soon I could hear it on the roof and then onto the sides of the blind as it searched for the scent of seeds. They have an amazing sense of smell. The Douglas Tree Squirrel took off at the chortling sound of Wild Turkeys feeding down our road as they came closer.

The turkeys stayed for almost half an hour scratching away at the dirt for whatever seed they could find that had fallen from the bird feeders. There was a young jake and a hen along with four poults.After they left the Douglas Tree Squirrel scampered back down the tree and went to the feeders for awhile later to be followed by a Western Gray Squirrel.

By then the lighting was starting to go so I called it quits and headed back into the house.I had a great time in the photoblind watching all these forest creatures from such a close distance.

God bless,


  1. Thank you very much Maria D Roque! I appreciate you dropping in for a look and leaving a comment.