Friday, August 24, 2012

Wild Bandtails

This morning I went out into the front yard and sat in the photoblind just to see what I might see. A few Stellars Jays came by followed by a young Raven. Neither of these offered to have their portraits taken. I guess they just weren't in the mood. Later on a Douglas Tree Squirrel crawled around under the feeder avoiding my camera as well.
A Western Gray Squirrel did the same. I wasn't having much luck until a small group of wild Bandtail Pigeons came in. They climbed all over the perches giving me plenty of opportunities to photograph them. Bandtails are a gorgeous bird with their striking bills and feet.They are also exceptionally skittish. I made sure to keep all my movements with my lens to a bare minimum. I had a great time photographing them.

God's love and blessings to all,



  1. Great photos, as always. What focal length did you use?

    1. Hi Gregory, the not so simple long answer! For the majority of my bird photography I use a Canon 100-400 IS zoom. Shooting from a blind I can't physically change my position so a zoom works a lot better to recompose than a fixed telephoto. The focal length for the pair was 160mm and the single birds were at 180mm. The perch is roughly 10 feet away.