Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple Flower

Today's image is more symbolic than anything. You plant a seed in a warm, moist, sheltered environment and you encourage it to grow. Little by little with your help and prayers it begins to sprout and grow. You give it water, nourishment, sunshine and hope. It begins to spread out and get taller. Soon you realize it is too big to be indoors anymore. You must replant it outside where it has more room to take root,grow and finally bloom all on it's own. This week was a lot like that as we dropped off our son Jay for his first year at college. It is now his time to grow and bloom all on his own.

God's love,protection and blessings to my son,



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    1. Thank you ever so much Josie Abbott. I'm adjusting this week to him not being around. It's going to be tough when my daughter goes away to school too in a couple of years.

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    1. Thank you very much Maria. I look forward to seeing your comments.

  3. Is very beautiful, Chris, Y like you work

  4. Thank you very much, Carolina Gomez Calbet. I just noticed your comment today as I was looking back through older posts.