Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Unkind Constable Conspiracy???

The last installment from my trip to the Mendocino Coast on Tuesday. After leaving the Harbor Seals at the Fingers I headed back down the coast to Kabiselah. I wanted to get some flight images of birds going by the cliffs just below there. As it turned out it was pretty tough photography and I was lucky to get any images at all. The sun came out bright and shiny and there wasn't a cloud to be seen in the skies. Not the best of conditions for photography. I didn't bring along a flash something that can really help you in this kind of a situation. Even if the photography wasn't that great I had a blast. A group of six ravens showed up and they landed in a tree at the end of the cliff. For the next half hour they played and played flying along the updraft along the edge of the cliff. They were soaring diving and just plain having fun. I was doing my best to try and track them with my camera as they flew by. Next time I'll remember to bring my flash. Just to let you know a group of Ravens in a group watching out and looking is called a constable. They can also be called an unkindness if they are driving other birds away from a food source. Lastly they may be called a conspiracy if they are working together as a team to capture or gather food.Interesting facts to know and forget!! God's precious love to all, chris


  1. Lindas Fotos!!!
    E Louvado seja o Criador de todas as coisas!!

  2. Thank you very much, Walmir Teles. God the creator provides us with an incredible place of beauty.