Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Song Sparrow

Today I went on an adventure out to the Mendocino Coast at the suggestion of my daughter Annika. She told me I really needed to get out. This morning off to the coast I went. First stop was a great breakfast in Ft. Bragg at Cafe One. The "Windowpane" is delicious! Following breakfast I drove northward to Kabiselah. One of my favorite little birds along the coast is the Song Sparrow. If you sit quietly long enough in the brush you are sure to end up with one singing in the brush close by to you. That is exactly what I did. I loved the image I created of one. I then noseyed on up the coastline to the "Fingers" for some more photography that I'm saving for tomorrow's photoblog as I have way to many images to edit. Enjoy and God's blessings to you, chris

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