Thursday, September 13, 2012

Strike a Pose

This morning I went out to the Burris Ranch in the Little Lake Valley to photograph Nuthatches. I wanted to capture an image of one in soft light upside down under a branch. Things didn't go very well. In setting up for the image I stabbed my thumb with the hand drill. Ouch! Do you know that hurts a lot and bleeds like crazy? Then all the images that I did get of nuthatches under the branch the focus was off just enough to make them unacceptable. Later I did create one image though that is just gorgeous. It made the whole morning worth while.I photographed a White Breasted Nuthatch coming down an oak limb in nice soft light. It stopped in the classic Nuthatch pose with a beautiful, light brown background from the oat grass behind it. I was very pleased with this image. Thank you Lord for giving me such a wonderful place to photograph. chris

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