Sunday, September 16, 2012

Searching For Woody

All right, All right. Enough of the the Nuthatches already! I'll admit that I have posted far too many of them. Sometimes I get a bit fixated on attempting to get a certain image and it almost turns into an obsession. The search for the perfect Nuthatch image has to come to an end. This morning I was out there again relentlessly pursuing the poor helpless little Nuthatches.I got some pretty good images too.So these will be the last I post for awhile. Sorry Nuthatch fans. As I was photographing Nuthatches I kept hearing a Pileated Woodpecker call from trees around the ranch house. I kept looking out of my little photoblind opening hoping to catch a glimpse of it. No luck.Then I heard it hammering on a tree fairly close to the blind. Now I just had to get out and take a look. I grabbed my camera and climbed out into the sunlight and sat there blinking trying to figure out where the darn thing was. I looked and looked and couldn't find it. I started walking slowly down the hill pausing to try and locate it. Finally I spotted it in an old Bay Laurel above the bunkhouse. I was shocked to see that it held in the same spot as most of the time they are gone in a flash. It wasn't in the best location as it was really dark and shady. But since I rarely get to photograph them I wasn't going to complain. It was hammering away on the rotted section of branch and picking out termites as it went. I tried a variety of different angles watching and photographing it for about five minutes before it flew off with its characteristic Kuk,kuk,kee keekeekee,ku,kuk territorial call.What a grand way to start the day. God's blessings to us all, chris


  1. Great woodpecker shots! We had one here one summer. Not very often do we see and hear one.

  2. Thank you very much, Maggie Ann. Living in the forest I hear them fairly frequently. Seeing them though is fairly rare.