Monday, September 10, 2012

Willits Kinetic Carnivale

This weekend I spent some time photographing the Carnivale. There was so much subject matter to choose from. There was the Roots of Motive Power steam up. The California and Western Railroad brought in a steam engine from Ft. Bragg. There were the Hand Car Races and magic acts. There was just a lot going on. Yesterday Lenore and I watched the hand car races for a short time and then we walked through the grove in the park and looked at the vendors displays and had a bite to eat. The The Natural Hot Dog Tent and the Crepes Truck were fantastic.After awhile I just started stopping people in the crowd and asking to photograph them. Some of the Steam Punk outfits were incredible. After we left the park we photographed the steam engine on its way out of town to Ft. Bragg. We were at the crossing at Highway 101 when it passed by and the ground shakes and your body literally vibrates from the sound when the locomotive passes by on the tracks. It's quite the emotional experience.We had a really fun day. I'm looking forward to next year. God's love and protection to all, chris


  1. I'm pleased that you liked them, Kayla F. Benson. We had a lot of fun walking around and looking at all the cool costumes people had on.

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