Saturday, September 15, 2012

How Fowl

I love the light when it is raining. Today was a non photography day for me as I took the day off. Not because it was raining it's just that I needed a day to putter around the house and do nothing. Tonight I was looking back over some older images and I ran across this one of a rooster in Tahiti. It was raining and the colors of the rooster were simply amazing. So before you cry fowl. Here it is. God's love and blessings to everyone, chris


  1. Rooster , a symbol of bravery and beauty. With no body to accompany, standing tall and high, looking for the good future and prospect.

  2. Chris, I absolutley love your photography. It would be nice if you could take a look at some of my photos, though I really am just an ameture when it comes to this stuff. I think you could get some incredible shots here in Kenya.

  3. What a nice thing to say The Bundu Blogger1 I would love to photograph in Kenya someday. I will take a look at some of your photography. Is it on your blog?

    1. Not yet, but hopefully some day soon it will be. I've got a few on my google+ account. I will let you know when it's on my blog.

  4. Needless to say I loved this! I run a 'rooster rescue' sanctuary here in New Zealand. Love the photographs, always lifts my day. Thank you!

  5. Thank you very much for dropping in for a look and adding your comments, Little Acres Cottage.