Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Climbing the Walls

This morning I traveled out to the Burris Ranch in the little Lake Valley to try and do some bird photography. "Try" would be the best way to describe it because I had pretty poor luck.There were very few birds, just one little Pacific Tree Frog that was climbing up the walls of the photo blind while I was sitting there. I was delighted to see some Gold Finches start to come in as I was just getting ready to leave.By then the lighting was too bright and harsh for any bird photography.Here is my image for today. One Pacific Tree Frog that I captured, photographed on a piece of bark and then set free. God's love and freedom to all of you, chris Pacific Tree Frogs 1"-2" (Pseudacris regilla) are found from Southern British Columbia southward through Washinton,Oregon and California to northern Mexico. Eastward they can be found in western Idaho,and east central Nevada west to the Pacific Coast. The color varies from gray to brown and green and individuals can change color.


  1. un turismo nuevo innovador para toda la gente

  2. This site looks amazing! In the title about blogs of note, you should make your url a link, though.

  3. Thank you Charlie Harding. Which title are you referring to that I should make a URL? I'm not too talented at adding links etc. so if you clarify it for me I'd appreciate it. Thanks.