Friday, April 12, 2013

Feather Still Life

If you have been following my photoblog and are really sharp or are an experienced birder you probably already know what kind of feather is up above. Yesterday morning I spent some more time photographing the Band Tailed Pigeons.They were more skittish than they normally are and didn't come down to the feeders until past ten when the lighting is way to harsh for photography.I still watched them and attempted a few images but it wasn't worth it.I was thinking about packing it up when a hawk came swooping down and pigeons went scattering in all directions with a roar of wings. A tail feather came floating down and this afternoon I decided to photograph the feather with the Band Tails favorite food in the fall, an Acorn! You can now see how the bird got its name from the banded tail feather up above. I hope you are having a glorious weekend, God bless, chris

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