Tuesday, April 2, 2013


This morning I went to put out the dogs for their morning constitutional. As I was stepping back into the house I noticed a rippling movement down by my feet. Down on the deck there was a a Millipede making it's way around the corner of the house. Millipedes are a very cool creature. They live on the forest floor and eat rotting vegetation. As a result of this diet they are part of a group of creatures called detrivores. They eat the detris of the forest.Watching one travel is fascinating. Their legs move in waves that travel down the length of their body as they move forward. They can travel in reverse as well! Naturally I picked it up and photographed it on some leaves before I released it back into the forest near the house. God bless, chris


  1. Thank you very much Isabelle Zita. I'm so glad that you find this image to be awesome. Thank you!