Friday, April 30, 2010

Is it Wine Time? Creating a Stock Shot

This afternoon I worked on domestic chores around the house and then I worked on putting together a stock image that can be used in the wine or tourism industry. What I had in mind was a dark rich colored red wine being poured into a wine glass on a rough old wooden table.

I had the table out in the garage ready for use. It is a table top made from pallet pieces that is rough and aged. Perfect for this creation. Next I needed about four wine glasses so I could switch from one glass to the next and not have to stop and empty the glass each time I wanted to shoot. That was easy, a quick trip to the cabinet solved that. Same for the wine I just grabbed an open bottle of red from Beringer from the counter top. I also needed a funnel for refilling the bottle and a pitcher to easily dump glasses into. All easily found in the kitchen cupboards

For the set up I started with a sky blue background but I quickly realized it wasn't going to fit the dark rich mood that I was looking for so I switched to black. Just a simple piece of black tagboard placed about three feet back from the whole set up.

For my lights I used one spotted snoot on the side of the glass itself and I lit up the rest of the table from the other side with a highly diffused wider light that was flagged to keep it off of the backdrop. I shot and poured about ten glasses. Futzing around with the lighting ratios until i got what i was looking for. A fine glass of wine.

God's blessings to all,


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