Friday, April 2, 2010

Vision Lost to Piercing Dark Eyes

Today was a photographic challenge. Once again it was raining like crazy. But, I in my brilliance had a plan; a vision in fact. I decided that due to the rain I was going to capitalize on it and create an image worthy of rain. I could picture a person on a gritty background with an umbrella. I would pan the camera at a slow shutter speed and blur the background behind them a little bit and their motion would cause a slight lack of sharpness creating an artistic feel of rain.

This all good in theory mind you but creating it in the actual world it wasn't so easy. First you have to find a potential victim carrying an umbrella in the rain. C'mon now models aren't cheap and none of my friends like to parade around in the rain with umbrellas. So yes as you can imagine I had problems finding someone with an umbrella. When I did he was carrying a large bag of groceries in a white bag that didn't make him all that photgenic. He also didn't like me pointing a camera in his direction one bit. So naturally on fears of harassment I stopped. Next I saw a large group of people with umbrellas. They were actually on a march. All eight of them to bring awareness to the problem of autism. They all had placards and signs. So no not very camera worthy for this purpose anyway.

I also ended up photographing an old barber shop. Something that you don't see to much of these days. Next I shot some images of the gas prices being changed. Always a good stock picture. Then I noticed the large splashes of raindrops in a puddle. I got some neat images of water drops and minature water spouts. Still not anything I really felt excited about. On the way home I happened to notice a pair of striking dark eyes out of the corner of my eye as I rounded the corner. There in the rain stood a deer staring at me as I drove by. I turned around and made a "U" eeeee.

I spent the next five minutes shooting mostly head shots of deer in the rain. My vision was replaced by piercing brown eyes.
I guess there is just something attractive about the animals of God's creation. We are often drawn to them. In this case it made a very fine portrait.

God's light and love to all,


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