Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kickin' Back on Sunny Day

Today was far from sunny. In fact it was pretty cloudy all morning until the skies opened up and the rains fell most of the afternoon. A good day to just hole up by the fire and read or go through and edit some images on the computer. I chose the latter and I went through a lot of humming bird images today. The vast majority headed for the trash. Wrong wing positions, eyes not sharp or even no hummingbird in the image at all! A pretty fruitful time was spent overall.

My next duty today was to clean and refill all the humming bird feeders. Not exactly an all day job but it does take some time. Then we all watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD. Overall a pretty good movie. After the movie I sat down to finish off the hummingbird images but my eyes kept returning to a grab shot I took yesterday of Annika's tennis shoes while we were waiting for Lenore to come out of the store while we were grocery shopping.

We were all just laying back in the sunshine when Annika put her foot up on the windowsill of the car. For some reason I was drawn to it. It just looked cool up there in the sunshine. Sort of symbolic of summertime laziness. So I grabbed my camera and took four images before she noticed and started to ham it up. So later at the computer it just dawned on me what a cool image it was again.

Sincerely and God bless,


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