Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meal Fit for a King

The past few days have been pretty much totally photo free at least for a person like me anyway. We were off on an Easter trip to visit our friends Bonnie, Nick and their two children Andy and Anna. Luckily for my two kids they are almost the same ages. So they call one another cousins and they get along really well.

Bonnie is still struggling with cancer and it was difficult for her to communicate with us when she was awake. Luckily she still has a beautiful smile and she expresses herself quite well with that when she really likes something. She also could blink when she meant yes for some things. She is unable to write as she has lost most of her muscular coordination to be able to do that. She is one amazing woman. Please keep her in your prayers.

Bonnie's brother Scott and his girlfriend Shelley came as well as Bonnie's mother Diane. Together they and chef Scott prepared a meal that was fit for a king. I had fun photographing the dinner as it was being prepared. Trying different angles of the table settings and the dishes themselves.

In the end I was really happy of one of my image of Chef Scott. So I made a mock up of a cover of a Chefs Magazine for he and his girlfriend as a present.

Blessings to all for He has risen indeed,


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