Monday, April 26, 2010

Playing with Glass

A while back I read a tutorial on photographing glass in a way that I haven't ever tried before. So I took a couple of screen shots on how it was done and then saved a copy of it to my desk top for a future attempt. So today I beat myself up at the gym and then went to the Dollar Tree to find a cheap glass vase I could try a modified version of the technique on.

When I got home I set up a white tagboard sweep inside of my light/product photo box. Then I placed two black tagboard flags on the insides of the box to absorb light and give definition to the sides of the vase. The next step was to set up two AB 1600 studio lights on the outsides of the box facing toward the back of the sweep. The idea here was to bounce diffused light off of the backk of the sweep through the vase.

Overall I was really happy with the results. Normally I directly light the glass with diffuse light and it doesn't have quite as much defintion.Using this method the black flagging on the sides really gave the vase more definition. It is something that I'm going to add to my quiver of tools to use when lighting projects in the future.

God's blessings to all,


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