Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Acts of Photography or Waiting for a Ride

Today started off like any typical morning except for the fact that we needed to drop off my car to have the front end aligned at a local mechanics shop. This act threw a monkey wrench into the normal workings of the drop off system for our children so a few changes were made to make everything work out and have everyone be on time. In short I had to drop off my son Jay and then wait at the mechanics shop for awhile until Lenore came to pick me up.

What this created was a time for me to sit in front of the auto shop. I'm just sitting there waiting and then the thought came to me What can I photograph around here? Not much in the way of scenics and it's cloudy and a few rainshowers are coming down. Hmmn.. that old tin building has always interested me. What do they use it for anyway? Anyway a bit of creativity hit me and between rain showers I created a few light industrial images of things close by the car in the parking lot of Cal's Garage.

Now it is onto a few domestic projects around the house and hopefully some indoor flower images that I have been planning in my mind. Besides it's been snowing off and on all morning since I got home from the gym from being beaten up by the trainer.

Sincerely and God bless,


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