Thursday, April 29, 2010

One of Those Days

Yes, today was one of those days. What I had planned and God had planned differed. I wanted to go home after my work out and work some more on some flower images. God wanted me to take my Mom to her appointment at the hospital. Which I gladly did. I got to have a good talk with my Mom along the way and she gave me a good book to read. It was called "Outerlies" pretty fascinating book. I read part of it while waiting for my Mom and I'll be next in line when she finishes it.

On the way home we got into a great discussion why a compassionate loving God allows pain in this world. I am of the view that God gave mankind free will and that we are free to use it. God still loves us in that all we have to do to have an eternity of peace and love with him is to repent our sins and turn our lives over to Christ. For in the bible it states. "For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son that the world could be saved. Whoever believes in him shall have eternal life in heaven with him."

The afternoon came quickly and I thought I would create some great flower pics then. Wrong! I needed to cut enough onions,radishes and Cilantro for a hundred tacos to be served as a fundraiser for my daughter Annikas 8th grade field trip. As you can well imagine it that took me a good portion of the afternoon to chop that much stuff. When I was done all I wanted to do was to take a shower to wash the smell of onions off of me.

By that time dinner time had rolled around and Jay and I made homeade Chili while Lenore and Annika went to the schools open house and served tacos.

Finally at ten o'clock tonight I reset up my lights and shot a few flower shots. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish off a few more.

God's precious light and love to all,


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