Friday, April 30, 2010

Not What I Expected

I finally managed to set aside some time today to try and create a photo I've had in my mind. I'd like to create a flower poster with a bouquet of flowers in the center and around the edges have individual images of the flowers that make up the bouquet. The problem was that when I went to the local supermarket this morning all the flowers either looked pretty bad or they were way out of the budget I had in mind for this image. So I walked out of the store feeling well lackluster.
On my way home I stopped off at my Mom's house to help her with a minor computer problem. Lo and behold she gave me a single tulip to take home and give to Lenore.

So I set up a sweep and diffused a couple of studio lights and I photographed the tulip with six different backgrounds. I don't think I'm there yet as far as what I have in envisioned my mind. But, I'm getting there and that's all part of the journey. I hope your journies in life are going along as well.

God bless,


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