Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is in the Air?

It is supposed to be spring. Then how come it was snowing when I pulled into my driveway after church yesterday? Man it was coming down. Winter hasn't given up its grip yet . But the signs of spring are showing up everywhere. There are wildflowers popping up on the hills. My apple tree is blooming and my pear tree is budding out. The migratory birds are coming through and the turkeys are starting to strut their stuff.

The turkeys are fun to watch. They fan out their tail,then puff out their chest and then strut back and forth dragging their wing tips on the ground. It is truly a beautiful sight. When I first moved to the Willits area in the early 90's you hardly saw any turkeys at all. Now I see them in the Little Lake Valley in flocks of up to fifty birds.

I went and tortured my body some more by working out and then spent all morning working on a bird photography book I have in the works. I made revisions to one chapter and completed another. It is coming together chapter by chapter. So todays image is from the files. It is of one of our local toms strutting his stuff for the local girls.

God's love to all,


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