Sunday, April 11, 2010


Okay, I will admit it I'm a Chocaholic. I love chocolate in almost any form. Well not all forms. I do tend to like dark chocolate though I'm a bit fussy if its too dark. Anything over about 60 percent needs to be toned down a bit with something. So really dark chocolate goes really well with a nice glass of port.

As far as run of the mill dark chocolate I like Cadbury dark chocolate bars. I buy a few each week and keep them stashed in various places around the house to keep them hidden from the other chocolate eaters in the household. I'm not stingy and I do share with them. It's just if they are left out in the open for all to eat they mysteriously disappear. I like to cherish mine over a period of time. Ok, let's just face it the other members of my family are just a bunch of chocolate thieves!

On to todays image. I was looking through one of the photo sites I frequent and the weekly theme was chocolate. There was one image of chocolate and a cherry. It looked pretty cool so I started thinking of an image I wanted to create. I like chiles and dark chocolate once in a while so it finally came to me what I wanted to create. I made a simple cove out of white tagboard and placed the dark chocolate on it. I then drizzled chocolate over it and placed the chile on top of it. I kept things simple by using a single front lit flash.

I had three final images that I liked so I decided to present them in a triptych. I hope you like the final result.

God's blessings to all,


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  1. Chris, are you sure you aren't my husband. He puts his chocolate where I can't reach it so I have to work (exercise) ha to get to it.

    Neat idea but chili and chocolate....Not!