Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Over the Map or Serendipity

Today it was foggy as I dropped off Annika at school which was fine with me. Why? Because I envisioned creating some moody, foggy stock images and I knew the area right where I wanted to do them. Driving down off of the ridge top I was munching on a banana. I threw the peel up on the dash to throw away later. Then it hit me. I could do a shot of the banana beside the road with traffic going by. A perfectly boring but useful stock shot.

So after dropping off Annika I did it. No doubt I will get a lot of questions asked of me about my sanity over the next few weeks from locals that know me. My close friends won't ask those questions as they already know I'm a little nuts. They will just make a simple statement such as."I saw you shooting some pictures up past the high school the other morning." The final image works pretty well as I shot it a ground level right on the pavement. I stopped way day to F32 and the traffic just shows as a background blur behind the banana. The message of the image is clear.It yells out, "Garbage".

Next I headed up to the end of the Little Lake Valley and took some images of moody oak tree shots with the double yellow centerline leading into the image. They looked pretty cool too. I just kept traveling around the valley until I was passing a friend of Lenore's house like I have done a hundred times over the years. Boom there it was. A beautiful yellow ribbon tied around an old oak tree. I almost went by but it drew me back as if to say, "This is what you came to photograph this morning."

At first I took some images of just the ribbon on the tree. Then I noticed the coloring of the house behind it. Which in turn made me realize the door to home was there too. All the symbols told the story of how they have a son in the military and they want him to come home safe. Serendipity happens.

Now I need to burn some CDs to send off to a hunting and fishing magazine. After that I need to make a print for my wife's friend Sue.

Sincerely and God bless,


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