Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fail or Pictures are Where You Find Them

Today started out bad. It was just one of those days. First off my dog didn't die. Although I really wanted him too. My dog Luke has lymphoma and is in the final stages of it where he has a really hard time breathing. The past two days he hasn't been able to get up on his own without help. So the poor guy just lies there and stares with a glazed look on his face. So as much as I love him I really have wanted him to just peacefully pass away in his sleep. I love him a lot and I hate to see him struggling and in such pain. God never promised life would be easy. He said we would have trials. I guess this is just one of them.

The morning didn't get any better photography wise either. I planned on shooting some bird images over my new feeder to test it out. The birds didn't come and when one finally did I wasn't ready. By then the light was too harsh so I packed it up and went to my fallback plan which was to work some more on Lenore's and mine speech project. Today it is fruit as a category so I started with oranges and that worked out really well. So now it is onto apples and bananas etc. I don't think I'll get much further until some of the other fruits get in season and are quite a bit cheaper. The berries yesterday were probably over budget though I will say they tasted pretty darn good.

When I was dropping off one of Annika's friends the other day their cat came to investigate the goings on when we pulled up. The cat looked really cool peering from behind the wooden door frame. I really liked his inquisitive look. He was the neighborhood tough ready to protect his turf.

Images are sometimes where you find them. You always have to be ready to catch them not asleep at the switch when the birds arrive.

God's blessings to all,


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