Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow Falling on Redwoods

Today was just one of those days. I try to be optimistic but it doesn't always work or connect with what I'm doing. Today I started off doing some stock shots of soap. I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted to create and I had an idea of how I wanted to accomplish that. I could picture the foamy suds. Just a little bit mind you and some water drops clinging to a shiny marble surface. That is about as far as the vision got. My fake marble piece cracked in half when I was removing the adhesive from the back. All right next time I'll use a hefty chunk of real marble. Upward and onward to plan "B". Just shoot it on another surface! I got it all set up and I wasn't satisfied with the look. You know the look? The vision I had in my head. Right about then it started snowing to beat the band outside.

When it started snowing I pretty much lost the desire to photograph soap and I wanted to create images of birds in the snow.I keep well stocked feeders and bird photography set ups in both the front and back yards. I decided to work on the one in the back yard as I can shoot from my old office window. The advantage of this is that I don't have to go outside and get cold. i just block off the window and shoot from behind some camouflage material.

I only got one keeper after shooting about thirty or so frames. The birds were really skittish and they didn't want to feed when it was snowing hard. It was mostly small hail and it probably hurt the tops of their little heads. I finally packed it all up. Around about then I noticed it was really started to come down again. My thoughts quickly turned to the Redwood Grove behind my house. Yes, I did say Redwood Grove. It is pretty cool to have one in your own backyard. I ran upstairs and grabbed one of my studio flashes.

I set the head to full power and then took a couple up shots of the grove. I was only guessing on the exposure so I immediately could see that I needed to stop down a couple of stops. The end result is pretty cool. " Snow Falling on Redwods". Even thought the beginning of my day didn't flow very well the end was quite satisfying.

Sincerely and God's blessing to all,


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