Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Camera At the Ready

Going to the dogs again. Pets are always fun to photograph even if the market for them is flooded. So why shoot images of them? I would say that because it's fun and it helps create our own fond memories of them even if we don't end up using the image in a calendar or some other product.

This morning I was on the run trying to get my daughter Annika off to school. I almost always have a camera in hand or one nearby. It is amazing how many great wildlife opportunities I have had over the years just dropping my kid off at school. This morning as I'm headed for the door I look back at Badger. He is waiting on the step to see if he is going to get to go in the car too.

My photo brain immediately kicks in and sees a perfect lighting situation. Badger is sitting in soft morning light with the dark shadows of the dining room behind him. I tell him to stay and I'm surprised that he does. I grab the camera off of the counter and shoot off about ten images. Voila! A pretty cool picture of Badger appears on the back of the camera as I chimp it. OOOOO!

God's light and love to all,


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