Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting There

Sometimes images evolve. Which in simplest term means it needs more work. Sometimes the work can happen over the course of a few minutes or it can mean years. I think this image is one that involves years. It's not yet what I'm envisioning in my mind. For some time now I have this idea of castles floating in the sky which is what Redwood Trees rising out of the fog often remind me of. It's an image that I really want to capture.

This morning on my way to the school to drop off Annika. (Wow, Does this sound familiar?) I noticed the Redwoods sticking out of the fog as I came down off of the ridge. With not really enough time to stop and take any frames I was forced to move on or face the wrath of my daughter by making her late for school. So I promised myself I would take some images of it on the way home.

I stopped on the way back and drove up and down looking for a spot where I could pull safely off of the road and not be mown down from behind as I was composing my picture. I found out pretty quickly that there were few locations where I could shoot from that there weren't poles or wires the bane of all landscape photographers. So I opted to shoot with my telephoto. It's all I had with me anyway!

The resulting image is getting there. I think it needs more grandeur and space. I need to shoot it from higher up and with a wide angle len so that I can include more. This might be years in the making. I'm getting there.

Sincerely and God bless,


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