Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Photography Day

Yesterday I didn't create any images in camera but I did create some on the computer. It was a computer catch up day in processing some images that needed some work. If you are like me that often times means spending quite a few hours at it as I mostly shoot in RAW + JPEG. The only time I shoot in just JPEG is when I'm going to shoot in volume and give most of the shots away. A good example of this is when I shoot images for Vacation Bible school at church. I will shoot several hundred images that I'm going to give away. I think the processing time would kill me in that case.

Yesterday I rescued one image of a Stellar's Jay that I really like. When I was creating the image I chopped the poor little guys tail tip off . (He screeched a little bit and then settled down) but I really liked the rest of the image. So I extended the canvas on one edge and duplicated a tiny section of tai,l flipped it and then added it onto the Jay. Then I did some cloning around it to blend it in. Now that I have told you what I did I'm sure the very alert observer will be able to pick it out. Otherwise I don't feel that it would be noticeable. Take a look and see if you agree with that or not.

OK. OK so it was a photography day. Just not using the camera.

Sincerely and God bless everyone,


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