Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Photography Day or A Look behind the Scenes

I spent the day doing ordinary family things like cooking pancakes and cleaning the kitchen. My son didn't like my pancakes but one of his best friends ate four of them. What's the deal with that? So not much happened photography wise between household duties today.

Right now it is heading into spring and as such I like to photograph song birds when they are the most beautiful and are in their breeding colors. My big problem is that where I live on a ridgetop song birds rarely make an appearance. They travel through the riparian rich habitats in the valley below. So I need to find a spot down there to photograph the little birdies. Currently I'm working on two spots. One I have used in the past and it is in some local parkland where I have a secluded spot to set up a feeder and the other is on a ranch where a friend of mine is a caretaker. I talked to my friend this morning and he is going to talk to the ranch owner to see if she will let me take photos there.

Whichever way it goes I will need a feeder that is portable and can be set up and left without me worrying about its value. So a few minutes ago I made a small platform feeder out of an old wooden TV tray that was headed for the trash. I just screwed some 1"x2" pieces of wood to the top of the tray. Then I added a small upright piece of 1"x2" that has a bunch of holes drilled into it so that I can stick a small branch into it for birds to perch on before they drop down onto the feeder to eat.

Once I figure out where I'm going to be photographing I will set up the feeder and leave it for a few days before I photograph there. Later I will bring my portable photography blind out and set it up nearby. The next step will be to plop a seat inside and wait to make some beautiful bird images.

God's blessings to all,


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