Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inspiration From Others

Recently Lenore and I were on a date together on the Mendocino Coast for the day. We went out to "Wave Watch" as there were massive twenty foot swells hitting the bluffs and beaches. We spent the whole morning exploring up and down the coast looking for great spots to see the waves. It was awe inspiring to see God and his handiwork.

On our return back through Ft. Bragg we stopped and toured some of the many wonderful and beautiful art galleries that line this part of the coast. In one photography gallery my wife saw some florals that were photographed and printed on black canvas. She said."If you could do that for me I would have it printed and hung up on our walls." Needless to say that night unbeknownst to her I did just that for her while she slept. It's nice to treat your wife with a present once in awhile just because.
I set up a simple black background of tagboard and then lit it up with one studio light going just across the top of the flowers. The results were beautiful.

This afternoon I started thinking about those flowers again and I thought to myself. Hmmnn... what about making a triptych of the same flower but using a different back grounds. The thing of it was though is that I didn't want to drag out and set up the studio lights. So I tried a different approach and used natural light coming from the window. For my back drops I grabbed three sheets of tagboard. One red, one blue and a black one. I set up the ground pod on the table top and set a yellow flower in a vase between the camera and the back drop hung from the back of a chair. Once I got the camera situated and focused I left it in place while I shot the images by just changing the tagboard colors and leaving the camera and flower in the same position.

Once I was done I processed the raw images onto the same canvas in CS4. I was very pleased with the result. It felt better to branch out and create something that was my own rather than a likeness of someone else's work.

Sincerely and God's blessings to all,


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