Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who Has Got the Button?

Today was one of those days where you feel creative but you just can't seem to find an image that matches your creative juices. I tried to get some moody freeway images that would be good stock images for winter driving but the weather just didn't seem nasty enough. It was only foggy.

The day just kind of slipped away until here at the eleventh hour I hit upon something that got my juices flowing. I wanted to create a simple still life. I looked around the kitchen. Hmmmn... been there and done; that's no good. Looked in the spare bedroom. Wow! Sure is a lot of stuff in there we need to clean up. Oh, what's that behind the door? Grandma's old sewing box. This big stand up folding contraption with thread spools ,needles etc. Nooo. Oh, but there is that huge jar of all the cool old buttons she saved up over the years. Now where is it? Uh, I remember now it's in the linen closet. Bingo!

I put them out on the table in incandescent light. Changed my white balance to tungsten. I then laid out the buttons on a piece of white tagboard in a pleasing pattern. I filled in the gaps with buttons as I went. First I tried a few images with a telephoto on an angle from the side. It looked too jumbled and uninteresting. I switched to a short 28 to 105 zoom. Starting to look a little better. Next step was moving the tagboard to a chair seat and the shooting straight down on the buttons. Now that looked really good; more of what I was looking for.

I could see a few gaps and glares on and between the buttons. Filling in with smaller darker buttons solved the problem. Finally on the last shot I got what I was looking for. A perfect shot for a sewing magazine,antique store ad or wallpaper for a website.

Sincerely and God bless,


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