Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Domestic Day or Stuck in Traffic

Today is pretty much a non photo day except for any grab shots that I can take along the way. The house is falling apart around me as I speak. There are bills to pay, dishes to be washed and vacuuming to be done. Today is a minimum day for my kids at school so I have to pick one of them up and rush off to the orthodontist down in the big metropolis of Ukiah.

So in my fairly normal life I took one image at the stoplight this morning while waiting for the light to change. It gives the impression of being in traffic on a rainy day. Though I must say I rarely get stuck in traffic living out here in Mendocino County it's pretty far from the gridlock of the big city. The only times we get stuck in traffic here is when there are concerts up in Northern Mendocino County during the summer like Reggae on the River or the Pignic.

So today I get to enjoy a little down time being domestic and I get to meet Lenore for lunch!.

God's blessings to all,


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